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How To Use Essential Oils Safely and Responsibly - A Guide for a Topical Application

The topical use of essential oils is one of the most popular. Once you get used to it, it probably will become one of the favorite parts of your daily routine! When we are talking about topical application, a key point to remember is that pure essential oils are very concentrated and should always be diluted (all the roll-on blends at Scentifique are prediluted in a carrier oil and are ready to use).

From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, there’s no wrong place on the body to use essential oils. There are, however, some extremely effective strategical points that could be very beneficial for applying essential to start the healing process immediately in a natural way:

Temples, behind ears and wrists - are probably the most popular areas to put essential oils, they are key pressure points, and great places to dab diluted essential oils any time of day and before bedtime. (Great for tension, stress and headache relief)

Chest- applying essential oils to the chest can work wonders if you have any sort of congestion or cough.

Neck – for congestion, cough, and a sore throat.

The Third Eye- is an especially great point for tension relief, focus increase, and energy/spirit rituals like meditation. Stomach - consider applying essential oils to the stomach when you’re having digestive issues or would like to support your liver.

Feet - last but certainly not least, use essential oils on your feet for an incredibly effective at-home cure for a variety of issues. There’s no doubt that the feet are full of various reflexology points. Take advantage of massaging essential oils onto reflexology points on the feet, as the inner arches for digestion. ( My kids absolutely love the bedtime routine of applying oils before falling asleep)

Safety Tips It is always recommended to do a patch test before using new oil, (or any new skincare product). Certain essential oils, particularly citrus oils, can be photosensitive oils, or oils that make your skin more sensitive to direct sunlight.

Some of the oils considered “hot” oils and could be more irritating to the skin. Pay attention to safety dilution guides. Never apply oils directly to an animal, and always ask a veterinarian before using essential oils around a pet.

If you have an allergic reaction or irritation from essential oil, apply a vegetable /carrier oil immediately. Don't wash with water, because water won't help in this case.

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