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ALPHA & OMEGA After Shave For Men

100% Natural Nourishing and Moisturizing


An unbelievably light texture will make your skin soft & smooth

Penetrates in seconds


Comes in an airless bottle


Only natural ingredients! No toxins! No parabens! No sulphates! No Silicones! No phthalates or anything synthetic whatsoever!


Weight: 50 mL

#Aloe vera #Peppermint

ALPHA & OMEGA After Shave For Men

  • Alpha&Omega is all-natural nourishing aftershave for all skin types.

    It is enriched with aloe vera gel and peppermint hydrosol, active ingredients known for their thirst-quenching, refreshing and soothing actions, provides your skin with intense long-lasting hydration for up to 8 hours.

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