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Herbal Nipple Butter

100% All-natural Herbal Nipple Butter

Non-greasy, non-sticky, smells amazing!

Will keep your nipples area soft and hydrated


You will have peace of mind knowing that this product is safe for the baby if ingested, and can be used multipurpose, on chapped lips, noses and cheeks.



Lanolin-free & Petroleum- free

#Mango #Calendula #Olive #Cocoa

Herbal Nipple Butter

  • This butter made with Cocoa butter, Mango butter, Olive oil and Calendula. The smooth consistency makes it easy to apply and it's also smells great.

    Beyond your boobs, this awesome multi-purpose product can be used as a lip balm, diaper area cream and as dry skin moisturizer.

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