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Maple Beauty

Supreme Anti-Ageing Face Cream

For all skin types


USDA Organic


Comes in an airless container for your convenience and freshness 

Weight: 50 mL


Only natural ingredients! No toxins! No parabens! No sulphates! No Silicones! No phthalates or anything synthetic whatsoever!


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Maple Beauty

  • Let Mother Nature show you the way to beautiful healthy skin!

    MAPLE BEAUTY Anti-ageing Face Cream is a powerful formula that combines extracts of Red, Sugar and Stripped Maple leaves, that known as "Natural Botox". This beautiful combination appears to increase skin's elasticity by combating Elastase, which breaks down the elastin in the skin.

    When elastin diminishes, the skin loses its ability to bounce back, and it resulting in fine lines, wrinkles and sagging.

    Scientists believe that the Maple Leaf Extract helps the skin with increased elasticity giving the skin a firmer, younger appearance and a radiant glow. 

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