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ROSE & JASMINE Precious Organic Anti-Ageing Face Toner
  • Precious Organic Anti-Ageing Face Toner 

    All Skin Types

    60mL / 120 mL


    #Anti-ageing #Rose #Jasmine #Cornflower Extract  #Honeyquat

    ROSE & JASMINE Precious Organic Anti-Ageing Face Toner

    • This tonic is not only great for your skin but also has an amazing natural scent

      Ingredients Highlights:

      Jasmine Hydrolat - has an exceptional, deliciously flowery, sweet and sensual scent. Very soft, it gently tones and revitalizes all skin types.

      Rose Hydrolate - this hydrosol has helps invigorate the skin and slow down the effects of ageing. Refreshing and balancing, it deeply hydrates and soothes skin.

      To make 1 litre of hydrosol, 1 kilo of petals is necessary. Its powerful, fresh and luxurious scent brings a sweet harmony to your heart. The flower of femininity par excellence, the Rose guides women towards fulfilling sexuality. Symbol of love, Rose hydrosol leads to a feeling of peace.

      Honeyquat- Honey has been used in cosmetics for centuries for its ability to moisturize the skin. However, natural honey is sticky in consistency making it hard and sometimes impractical to incorporate into today’s more sophisticated formulations. Modern cosmetic science has now taken honey, with all its natural goodness and purity, and changed it into a practically non-sticky powerful humectant by reacting it with a low molecular weight quaternary derivative. This substantive honey derivative is known to the cosmetic industry as Honeyquat. 

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