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Winter Time
  • Nourishing Lotion Bar

    For very dry, irritated skin

    10g / 70g


    #Cocoa #Calendula, #Rosehip #Sea Buckthorn #Shea #Camomile #Helicrysum #Hemp #Carrot seed oil #Red Palm

    Winter Time

    • WINTER TIME Lotion Bar was formulated especially for cold months of the year, to help you and your kids to protect their skin, to soothe and nourish it if it becomes dry and irritated during the cold and dry period (in Winnipeg, it lasts approximately seven months).

      Bonus: it smells amazing! You would wanna eat it :)

      Nothing should stop your family from playing outside and enjoying winter activities! Winter is fun!

      When winter hits, we need to keep our skin protected more than usual! 

      Cold weather is rough to young skin and can worsen already existing conditions. The winter skincare rituals in your daily routine will keep your skin soft and healthy even during wintertime.


      WINTER TIME crafted with Shea, Coconut, Hemp, Cocoa, Palm, Safflower, Grapeseed, Calendula, Rosehip, Sea Buckthorn, Chamomile, Palmarosa, Helichrysum and carrot seed oils. 

      It is absolutely amazing for your and your kids’  skin that rich in a HUGE amount of vitamins A, C, E, fatty acids 3,6,7 and 9, over 20 different minerals and antioxidants.


      Many popular moisturizing products found in stores contain potentially harmful ingredients like preservatives, perfumes, and dyes, which could irritate the skin and harm overall health.

      Any of these you will NOT find in our products!

      WINTER TIME contains nothing but the purest and powerful oils and butters with healing properties.

      Our ingredients are 100% natural and toxins free!  


      *Please note- Wintertime Lotion Bar is made with unrefined and unprocessed raw shea butter from the highest grade. When using raw butter without emulsifiers in the product, crystallization (graininess) may occur in the future. This crystalization can happen due to a huge amount of fatty acids, and their different melting points. It might occur especially if the product has experienced temperature variances during storage or transportation or between seasons. It is not an indicator the product has gone bad. It is still perfectly useable with all the great properties that are remaining the same.  

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