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Working Hands

Working Hands is our ultra-soothing and moisturizing healing butter/ lotion bar for very dry and chapped skin!


Available as a butter texture- aluminum jar 60g  or as lotion bar - twist-up tube 70 g

Working Hands

  • Nourish your dry, cracked snd chapped hands with 100% natural, chemical-free healing butter.

    This unique butter was created especially for hard-working hands, and for hands that suffer from frequent hand sanitizer usage.  This blend will penetrate deep into your inner skin layers and nourish your skin from within with powerful, all-natural oils and butters. It contains a powerful oil blend to purify and nourish the skin.


    *Please note- WORKING HANDS Butter is made with highest quality unrefined and unprocessed raw Shea butter. Since no emulsifiers were used in the product – a natural process of crystallization (graininess) may occur. This happens due to the vast amount of fatty acids, which have different melting points - mainly,as a result of temperature variances during storage, transportation, or seasonal temperature changes.The product is still safe, perfectly usable, and has the same exceptional properties as before.

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